Trezor is a brand of hardware wallet for controlling your private keys. When using a Trezor your private keys never leave the wallet and you have to physically press the confirmation button(s) in order to sign each transaction. To purchase a Trezor, please go to

Make sure your Trezor is using the latest firmware and the most recent version of the Ethereum app. For instructions on how to setup your Trezor of the first time visit:

Connecting your Trezor on RELAY

  1. Install MetaMask.

  2. Install the latest version of Trezor Bridge

  3. Click the colorful circle in the top-right corner of MetaMask to open the accounts tab.

  4. Click “Connect Hardware Wallet”

  5. Select the “Trezor” option and click connect.

  6. Input your security code to authorize the connection

  7. Select the address you wish to use.

  8. Click “Yes” to allow the export of your public key and confirm 

  9. Go to and click "Connect Wallet".

  10. Select MetaMask

  11. Confirm the connection to RELAY to begin trading.


When using your Trezor to trade, you will need to physically confirm each transaction on your Trezor, regardless of whether you’re connecting directly to RELAY Classic or connecting via MetaMask on RELAY. While MetaMask assists in signing your transactions, only your Trezor holds the private key to finalize transactions.

When confirming transactions on your Trezor, it will also display the transaction details.