The Brave browser has a native crypto currency wallet that conflicts with MetaMask. By enabling the native wallet in the browser you will no longer be able to use the MetaMask extension with RELAY.

Alternative: Use the MetaMask extension and don't enable the native Brave wallet

  • Download the MetaMask extension - confirm that you want to use MetaMask
  • This will not interfere with the Brave Rewards wallet
  • In the RELAY wallet select choose MetaMask to access your wallet and trade

Alternative: Use the native Brave wallet in place of MetaMask

  • At any point you wish to enable the native Brave crypto currency wallet you can do so in Preference>Extensions>Crypto Wallets. 
  • Follow Brave's wallet setup instructions
  • In the RELAY wallet selector choose MetaMask and you will be prompted to connect the native Brave wallet
  • Once the native Brave wallet is enabled simply turning it off will not allow MetaMask to be used instead
  • In order to reverse this decision all cache, preference, and profile settings associated with the Brave browser need to be removed from your computer. Several of these files are stored separate from the application itself.

Note: Turning on the native Brave wallet will also require you to select the hardware wallet in the settings in order to use a Ledger on RELAY

  • In settings>Crypto Wallets>Connect Hardware Wallet
  • Select the wallet and derivation path in order to trade on RELAY