Presently MetaMask for Opera is not supported on RELAY. The current version of MetaMask for the Opera browser has not been updated in several months; this outdated version may connect with RELAY, but it is not able to place orders.

Alternative: MetaMask Wallet on Other Browsers

The MetaMask extension works with Chrome, Firefox, or Brave browsers.

If you have MetaMask installed in Opera, you can transfer access to this account to another browser:

  1. export the seed phrase from MetaMask in Opera
  2. import the seed phrase into MetaMask in the other browser

This seed phrase controls all of the funds in your account, so handle it carefully!

Alternative: Other Wallets with Opera Browser

If you want to keep using Opera, you can use a different wallet that is supported:

  1. Fortmatic
  2. The Opera built-in crypto wallet (requires Opera on laptop or desktop, plus Opera Mobile on Android 6+ or iOS)

To use the Opera crypto wallet, follow Opera's setup instructions and then click on Metamask in the RELAY wallet selector.