Market makers contribute the majority of orders on both centralized and decentralized exchanges.  By keeping the books full of orders, market makers ensure that users that want to swap tokens immediately will be able to do so at good prices.

RELAY market makers and users trade directly wallet-to-wallet without giving custody of tokens to RADAR.  Orders added to the RELAY order books are also shared across other relayers and dapps by the RELAY open order book strategy.

RADAR does not have a paid market maker program. Market makers can earn income on bid-ask spreads or by establishing contracts with token issuers.

Suggestions for setup

To begin market making on RELAY, you will need the following:

  1. access to an Ethereum node
  2. a practical understanding of 0x orders
  3. a secure wallet management approach
  4. a trading strategy

How To Get Started

For documentation of the RELAY API, start here:

For references to the 0x documentation:

If you are a market maker and would like information relating to future market making opportunities, please email us at