Ledger is a hard wallet for controlling your private keys. To purchase a Ledger please go to the Ledger website

On your Ledger:

  • Connect your Ledger hardware wallet to your computer with the USB cable
  • Enter your pin to unlock your device
  • Open the Ethereum Application on your Ledger
  • Enable Contract Data

On Radar

Click on the Select Wallet button in the upper right.

Select Ledger

Select the address on your Ledger that you would like to trade with. Scroll down to see more than the first two addresses displayed on the Ledger.


The wallet selector in the top right will show green as long as the Ledger is connected and unlocked.

Completing transactions

When you make a transaction, such as wrapping ETH, enabling a token allowance or filling an order you will be prompted with the gas handler.

After clicking Create Transaction, confirm by clicking the checkmark on your Ledger