Minimum Order Size

We have a minimum order size of 1 USD. This minimum was implemented to limit attack vectors on our order books. As it costs a gas fee to be a taker on Radar, many tiny orders would drive up the cost of executing a market order, as well as potentially obfuscate larger orders by putting a large amount of small orders close to the spread. 

We realize there are decentralized exchanges that have massive minimum order amounts (to the tune of ~$150), which can be daunting. We want our users to be able to try out Radar with smaller amounts to get comfortable with the experience. 

Our open order book strategy allows us to keep our minimums low by not automatically matching orders, as there are large gas costs involved with taking each side of the trade. You can read more about other advantages of our open order book strategy here.

Maximum Order Size

There is no maximum order size on Radar Relay. Keep in mind that the liquidity of an individual order book can represent a maximum market order size, as the order size is constrained to the amount of tokens or WETH available on a particular side of the book.