If you've ever viewed a transaction sent via MetaMask on EtherScan and received the "Sorry, We are unable to locate this Transaction Hash" message, it can be frustrating. This issue is often due to high load on MetaMask's node, and can be mitigated by running your own node.

With Parity

You can find the latest releases of Parity here: https://github.com/paritytech/parity/releases

Once you set up Parity, it will begin syncing the blockchain. This may take a while. After your node is completely synced up to the most recent block, you can point your MetaMask to it. Within the MetaMask extension, select the network dropdown and select "localhost 8545." 

Continue to use MetaMask as normal and transactions you send will be routed through your own node, rather than MetaMask's default one. Keep in mind, you'll need to keep Parity open as you use Radar because your node must be synced to the most recent block.

If Using Ledger

Consider closing Parity when using your Ledger device, as conflicts might arise when both Parity and Radar are attempting to use your device at the same time. Ledger transactions are routed directly through Infura's node so it's not as necessary to run your own node for speed reasons.