There are three ways to do this.

The easiest way to unwrap would be through the 0x Portal. Simply click unwrap and confirm the transaction. This will also work for deprecated WETH.


The next easiest would be to go through another relayer.

Then, even if every relayer and the 0x portal happened to go down all at the same time, there is still a way to unwrap your WETH by interacting directly with the WETH contract. Here's how:


Find WETH on Etherscan

Navigate to the page for WETH on Etherscan


Click Contract Source


We will need this in a moment so keep this window open.


Open MEW / My Crypto and go to "Contracts"


Interact with the WETH contract

Paste the WETH address under "Contract Address"

Back on Etherscan, copy the "Contract ABI" 


Paste that back in Mew under "ABI / JSON Interface"

Click Access


Unwrap your WETH

Select the "Withdraw" option from the drop-down


Enter the amount you would like to withdraw. This number will be in Wei. Use a calculator like to know what to enter in that field.


Send the transaction

Access the wallet your WETH is in by selecting MetaMask or Ledger from the options. If using MetaMask, make sure the extension is connected to the correct wallet. 

Click "Write," click "Generate Transaction," then click "Yes I am sure! Make transaction."

Submit your transaction on MetaMask or Ledger.


You're done!

Once the transaction completes your WETH will be unwrapped back to ETH.